MAN A20/21

The core competence of our company focuses on the conversion of buses powered by combustion engines to a purely electric drive. Thereby the structure of the conversion concepts of the different bus types is mostly similar, which enables the conversion of different vehicle types.

The MAN A20 and A21 buses have already been conceptually developed by us and have been in successful operation for several years.

MAN A20/21 to zero electric vehicles GmbH Elektrobus Elektrifizierung Umrüstung

In terms of drive technology, the conversion concepts we have developed are based on an energy-efficient electric drive axle that operates about 75% more efficiently than a diesel engine and is also maintenance-free. In combination with two wheel hub motors, which deliver a powerful 20,000 Nm, the prefabricated parts can be assembled quickly. The batteries we use are ECE R100 certified, which ensures the safety of both the vehicle and its occupants. The lifetime of more than 3,000 charging cycles and a minimum capacity after years of more than 80% is guaranteed. The battery capacity can be adjusted in size, so depending on the requirement of the range needed, the vehicle can be adapted to the specific application.

to zero electric vehicles GmbH Elektrobus Elektrifizierung Umrüstung

The batteries can be charged either by means of a Type2 plug and 22 kW charging power via alternating current or by a CCS plug with over 150 kW charging power. The auxiliary units, such as the air compressor or the power steering pump, also meet the highest quality standards and have a high degree of efficiency. In addition to the positive effects in driving operation and in economic terms for the operator, it can be seen that customers also rate the conversion positively. The reduction in driving noise and environmental impact due to greenhouse gas emissions, for example, are perceived positively by customers and give their company a more sustainable image.

Another decisive aspect is the considerable cost relief for the operator due to up to 40% lower acquisition/conversion costs compared to a new battery-electric bus. These already reduced costs can be further reduced by up to 270,000 euros by means of a handsome subsidy. Another significant cost factor are the operating costs, these are reduced by about 70%, which represents an enormous savings potential for your business.

Due to these aspects we would like to invite you to a personal conversation and a test drive. Thereby you will receive individual advice and an overall concept tailored to your wishes. Please contact us!

to zero electric vehicles GmbH Elektrobus Elektrifizierung Umrüstung