The MAN A23 bus is a real behemoth. Its sheer size and the mileage of often over 1 million kilometers show the incredible performance of the vehicle. We would like to make this model even better with the help of the concept we have developed.

When converting to a purely electric drive, we replace almost all of the vehicle’s wear parts and replace them with low-maintenance electrical components. In order to deliver you a perfect vehicle in almost new condition, we also offer a revision of the passenger compartment in addition to the conversion. Thus, smaller components, such as seats or upholstery, can be replaced depending on their condition.

MAN A23 to zero electric vehicles GmbH Elektrobus Elektrifizierung Umrüstung

The installed electrical components of the vehicle are basically similar to other conversion concepts of our company. The high-quality components, most of which have been tested over an extensive period of time, give us the opportunity to sell our customers high-quality overall concepts with a guarantee.

We give the customer the possibility to configure the components to be installed according to his individual requirements. Thus, in combination with our highly efficient drive concept, ranges of over 300 km are possible in the city version. For intercity vehicles, the range can be further increased by optimizations, such as a larger battery capacity, and thus significantly more driving kilometers can be achieved in one charge.

There are also differences in charging. For example, it is possible to charge gently with “low ripple current” using a Type 2 plug and 22kW 800V onboard charger or, alternatively, particularly quickly using a CCS plug with more than 150 kW per hour DC.

to zero electric vehicles GmbH Elektrobus Elektrifizierung Umrüstung

There are no restrictions on the operation of the vehicle for either the operator or the passenger. The aspects mentioned ensure that only positive differences in use are felt by customers and operators during driving operations. Quieter ride noise and significantly lower environmental impact have a positive impact on the customer both during and outside the ride. Another decisive aspect is the considerable cost relief for the operator due to up to 40% lower acquisition/conversion costs compared to a new battery-electric bus. These already reduced costs can be further reduced by up to 330,000 euros by means of a handsome subsidy. Another significant cost factor are the operating costs, these are reduced by about 70%, which represents an enormous savings potential for your business.

Legal requirements and the enhancement of a more sustainable corporate image can also facilitate the operation of your business.

To find out more and to develop an overall concept tailored to your needs, please contact us. We would be happy to conduct a consultation with you and convince you of our product in a test drive.

to zero electric vehicles GmbH Elektrobus Elektrifizierung Umrüstung